I’ve lived in Barry for most of my life. I travel less and less as I get older and confess that I’m thoroughly becalmed, like a sailing ship marooned in the Doldrums for lack of wind. I feel quite calm about my lack of movement, staying in the same place means that I can focus on the small but important things I might not appreciate if I was always travelling to somewhere new. 

I am becalmed in Barry, a seaside town around 9 miles west of Cardiff in South Wales. My blog will feature the life of Barry, past and present: the dinosaurs that walked on the land long ago and whose fossils can be found on the cliffs, the worms burrowing under the sandy beach and the slugs and snails in my back garden, the trees and insects in the local Nature Reserve.

My blog will explore the nature of being becalmed and will usually include poems. People may be present in some poems, but in others limpets, slugs, spiders, birds, frogs, trees, etc. appear without reference to humans but, inevitably, since I am human everything I write is about the human condition.   

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